Dear Child Development Students:

Welcome to Moreno Valley College (MVC). My name is Melissa Thompson and I’m the full time Early Childhood Education faculty member at MVC. If you are interested in a career in Early Childhood Education (ECE), keep reading. This letter will provide you with a few recommendations that will help you work towards a certificate and/or an ADT in Child Development. So let’s get started…

First, it is helpful if you begin by taking the four core courses (12 units): EAR-20, EAR-24, EAR-28 and EAR-42 (recommended order is listed below). The four core courses are required to obtain the Associate Teacher Certificate. The Associate Teacher Certificate is designed to be the first step toward obtaining entry-level employment in the field of Early Childhood Education in a preschool or child care setting.

After you take the four core ECE courses, you may take EAR-19, EAR 25, EAR-26, EAR-30 and two ECE elective courses to complete the requirements for the Early Child Education Certificate (31 units). In order for you to obtain the Teacher Certificate, an addition sixteen (16) General Education units are required. This certificate meets California Title 5 requirements for the Child Development Teacher Permit.


Sample Course Sequence
(Early Childhood Education Courses Only)
Fall Semester EAR-20 & EAR-28
Spring Semester EAR-24 & EAR-42
Fall Semester EAR-19 & EAR-26
Spring Semester EAR-25 & EAR-30


After completing the Associate Teacher Certificate, you will also qualify for the Associate Teacher Permit. You must apply for the Associate Teacher Permit through the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. For additional information, go to to find an application. After the Associate Teacher Permit is issued to you, you can begin to work in the field of CD/ECE as a preschool/ early care and education teacher in a private preschool or as an assistant preschool/early care and education teacher in most public programs.

While you’re on your educational journey, it’s recommended that you begin to take General Education (GE) courses for graduation each semester. I recommend taking 2 CD courses per semester along with 2 GE courses if you can attend full-time. I would also recommend taking your English and Math courses early in your course studies. Delaying taking English and Math courses, may significantly delay the completion of your AA degree. Please be sure to make an appointment to see a counselor to assist you with your plans to transfer as well as graduation.

If you need additional information and/or assistance with navigating your ECE courses, please make an appointment to see me. My office is located at the Child Development Center on the MVC campus. You could also send me an email me at