“Moreno Valley College is a great school. Their Faculty really care about their students success rates! I really enjoyed my time at this school. The teachers are really caring about their students success.” – Maida R.


“Met alot of great people & there is all types of clubs to join for encouragement… Great staff all around. Many helpful programs also.” –Tawana M.


“I love this campus, it’s so peaceful, far away from all the hustle and bustle of the normal day to day chaos. Their is a successful personal relationship with teachers and student success. I absolutely enjoy hearing the birds whistling around campus. The resources available for all student types are motivating also.”–A Rate My Professors User


“Most people aren’t fond of their high school years, and I am currently a high school student. My high school, Nuview Bridge Early College Academy, has been working in part with Moreno Valley College for a few years now, enabling students to attend college courses while in high school, with the potential to earn various academic achievements including an Associates degree. I love this school, and it’s a truly amazing experience. Despite the fact that my high school is kind of misleading us into a twisted image of what colleges are, this school is indeed proving the opposite. Everyone is super friendly, energetic to learn, and they’re more understanding than my high school’s counselors and staff all together. <3 If I don’t go straight to a university, I’ll be here.” – Emma M.


“These are the best instructors that gave study guidse to all tests which make it impossible to fail the test.Psych 1 Ryan Godfrey, MA and then Speech 1…alot of speaches, but he is a easy going funny instructor who pretty much gives you the grades just for being a sport and getting in front of the class. Ron Newman pub. speaking. these teachers have made class interesting and fun along with getting As!!” – A Google User


“Great professors and great school! I’m a mechanical engineering major and the professors prepared me extremely well for transfer. I was accepted to top schools such as Cal Poly Pomona, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, etc. Highly suggest Dr. Marsh for Chemistry, Dr. Joanna for Biology and Dr. Bhattacharya for physics!” – Just T.


“Great College, been going here for three years and have loved all the programs and classes they have available” – Dayan A.


“I enjoyed MVC. I enjoyed the professors. The EOP&S program was awesome including the workers. I don’t have anything negative to say about MVC” –A Rate My Professors User