Written by Patrick Saade

What makes a person successfulin this world? Their job? Their culture? Their kindness? What if I were to tell you a person is a computer hacker who advocates for women in Cyber Security? Now what would you think if that person is a female? I believe she is more than successful.

The latina that I am talking about is none other than Soledad Antelada Toledano. Born in 1978 in Argentina, Soledad later moved to Spain and built her life from there. She is a computer hacker that graduated from the University of California Berkley as a Computer Systems Engineer. She currently works at the Cyber Security Division at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory. She is the first and currently the only latina that works there.

Soledad has other accomplishments other than being the first latina in the Cyber Security field. She also is the founder of “Girls Can Hack” which is a great group for females. The group aims to give females interested in technology the opportunity to experience and gain knowledge in the field. They can express their thoughts and questions about anything related to the field of Cyber Security in particular.

I would say Soledad impacted me because of where she isfrom and what she believes in. I love the fact that she is helping and giving opportunitiesto females in the field of technology. It is hard to find many females there, so it helps a lot. Not only that she defies the status quo. She is the first latina to infiltrate the field and the workspace in Cyber Security. It does not matter where you are from or your gender, if youhave a goal, go for it.


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