In honor of National Video Game Day, the iTeam has created their own arcade games

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This year the iMAKE Innovation Center wants to celebrate the joys that come with playing games. Games have been a part of human history for so long, and with the current digital world video games have joined them as a crucial aspect of our lives. The first video game was said to be created in 1958 with a physicist programming a simple tennis game similar to the 1970’s classic Pong. Since then, we have had steady but awesome advancements in computer processing technologies that allow us to take gaming to a whole new level. From 2D to 8-bit, or closed levels to open world, there is an endless array of video games to choose from. The Makerspace chose to celebrate video games on July 8 because we know that it is a way for people from across the world to come together and admire a well-built game!