Moreno Valley College’s iMake Mobile Innovation Center is a mobile makerspace designed to fuel imaginations and ingenuity. This space provides access to equipment such as 3D printers, laser printers/cutters, vinyl printers, virtual reality equipment, coding with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and more.

A Makerspace is the latest innovation to assist students, faculty, staff and the community members to interact on shared interests, learn to use tools, make class projects, and develop knowledge through exploration and hands-on experiences.

iMAKE Innovation Center

iMAKE Mobile Testimonials

“Working on the MakerSpace has been a wonderful experience. Although it’s a creative space, I also have been able to build relationships, improve soft and hard skills, and help encourage ones who may have been unsure about future endeavors that are wished to be accomplished. Being able to help guide grade students with design goals and future goals have been very rewarding; its clearer on why educators choose the path of teaching. I can see this bus as being more than just a place to create, but also a place to inspire, encourage, renew, and build; all of which can be viewed in many aspects.”

— Joseph Murray, CTE/iMAKE Innovation Center, Student Aide II

iMAKE Innovation Center

“I love working on the MakerSpace bus because it lets me help kids/students become interested in careers not often discussed in the classroom.”

— Angel Thomas, CTE/iMAKE Innovation Center, Student Aide II

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