“We are excited to introduce this fantastic resource, the iMAKE Mobile Innovation Center is designed as a collaborative space which will bring back the art of making and foster creativity. It is an inspiring environment for makers to cultivate their passion to enact change in the world by developing solutions to real-world problems and we look forward to sharing it with our community.”

— Melody Graveen, Ed.D., Dean of Instruction, Career & Technical Education


“I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to come to our school and bringing all of your equipment. I really thought the 3D printers were really cool and how you let us explore the rest of the bus. I learned a lot about Moreno Valley College and how they allow their students to have access to their maker space.  I really learned a lot about the field of technology and its future impact on all of us. This really made me realize the wide variety of jobs this field has to offer and has pushed me to look into those careers. Anyways thanks again.”

— Cara Setyadi, Student, Ramona High School


“I just wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to come visit us and tell us more about Maker Space. It was really cool learning about how you can make stuff like that mobile and you can make pretty much anything you can put your mind to. You guys coming out really made me want to go back into 3D printing and helped motivate me to do it again. Thank you so much.”

— Katie Dietrich, Student, Ramona High School


“I would like to thank you for coming to speak about your careers and what you do. I really liked the 3d printers that you showed us, as I have never actually seen one work in person, so that was a cool experience. I have never seen technology that advanced before and seeing it made me realize just how fantastic technology really is. Being a Software Developer is currently the goal for myself. While looking at the 3d printers work was cool, I also wanted to see the code that makes it run the way it does. Nevertheless, I thank you for taking the time to show us what you do.”

— Damian Carbajal, Student, Ramona High School


” I just want to thank you for taking the time out of your most likely busy schedule to sit and talk with the students of Ramona High School. Thank you so much. I learned so much about our government and I am considering looking into going to council meetings. Thank you for making this day such a success.”

— Xenia Henderson, Student, Ramona High School


“Thank you for showing your bus to us I had a great time in the bus and thank you for making us stickers.”

— Alejandro,  Student, Pinacate Middle School


“The Moreno Valley bus was fun because they had 3D printers.”

— Ethan, Student, Pinacate Middle School


“It was fun to see what they do and how they work.  The 3D printer was the best part.”

— Sallie, Student, Pinacate Middle School


“I had first period. My students had a wonderful time. They all thought the VR game was coolest thing, Please let the team know that they did a great job and that my class has lots of nice things to say about the experience. Thank You! “

— Nishantha Unantenne, Science Teacher, Pinacate Middle School


“Thank you for coming to Hidden Springs Elementary’ s Science and Engineer Night. The students really enjoyed doing all the STEAM activities the bus provides. Highly recommend for elementary schools to promote STEAM activities during a school event. Thank you Moreno Valley College. Thank you Jason Kennedy for coming with such a short notice.”

— Elsa Magana, Assistant Principal, Hidden Springs Elementary School


“Our students had an amazing trip to the maker’s space bus.  It was a great opportunity for students to see where their computer skills can be used in real world situations.  They thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the virtual reality set-up.  We are extremely grateful for the men that came and exposed our students to this type of learning experience.”

— Mrs. Thornton, Science Teacher, Pinacate Middle School 


“The makerspace really gave me a futuristic vibe, it was a really cool ‘space’ to be in and work in, the equipment was really nice to work with but not only that, it was genuinely intriguing to observe the inside of the bus.”

— Cassandra Davila Estrada, MVC English 1A Student


“I just wanted to thank you for such a great experience for our students! The teachers/classes are continuing to talk about the Maker Space and all that came with it! We are really looking forward to the next visits so more of our students will be able to have a chance to experience such amazing technology!”

— Janie Friedl M.Ed., Math Coach, Sunnymead Middle School


“Using the makerspace bus was a really fun and interesting experience, me and everyone else there got to learn and create things using various of the machines they have. The opportunities to do that are rare and I’m glad we were able do it”

— Matthew Medina, MVC English 1A Student


“I sincerely want to thank you and your wonderful team for coming to our school site to support our students. You inspired and introduced them to new ways of thinking and being! I have heard nothing but great things from our students and teachers. We are honored to continue to this partnership this year welcome you back to our site with open arms! Thank you again!”

— Khaleelah Lewis-Wilkins, Administrator of Instruction and Coaching, Sunnymead Middle School