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Schedule of Classes​​

Below are links to a streamlined version of the Schedule of Classes. The schedules will be updated as new courses are added. All noncredit courses are listed in the final section of the schedule.

  • Noncredit classes are FREE
  • Learners need to be 16 of age or older
  • Each certificate can be completed in ONE semester

Noncredit Courses Fall 2020

Computer Maintenance and Security Certificate

CIS-824A Computer Repairs for Beginners

An introduction to computer hardware, software maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques for computer users and novices who seek to explore system functions and repairing process. Fundamentals in identifying the functions of computer components, diagnosing system issues, and deriving possible solutions that will aid the process of system hardware and software repair. 8 hours lecture and 8 hours laboratory.

CIS-824B Networking for Home and Small Business

An introduction to small networks installation, technologies, and configuration for personal or business usage. Basic networking concepts, troubleshooting, implementation, and maintenance in Personal Area Network (PAN) and small Local Area Network environments. 8 hours lecture and 8 hours laboratory.

CIS-824C Cybersecurity for Beginners

Introduction to system security approaches, including Internet security, malware, vulnerability, cyber terrorism, cyber fraud, firewalls, privacy, regulatory requirements, and proactive strategies to defend against potential cyber threats on personal systems. Lectures and projects promote an understanding of cyber threats and security. 8 hours lecture and 8 hours laboratory.

Customer Relations Certificate

PDS-806 The Art of Negotiating and Collaborating

Participants apply collaboration tools for building high-trust synergistic relationships, analyze the conflict cycle and practice skills to diffuse conflict at each stage for mutual benefit. Assess one’s strengths and utilize tools to facilitate and adapt to others styles. Skills include re-framing, neutralizing language, discovering of interests, and leveraging innovative solutions through a collaborative negotiation process. 12 hours lecture.

PDS-807 Personality Styles and Difficult Relationships

Exploration of participants’ own behaviors and personality styles, while learning to adapt one’s behavior to be effective with other personality styles in a variety of work situations. Emphasis is placed on dealing with difficult relationships and communicating in a way that matches the needs of all involved to achieve relationship satisfaction and organizational objectives. 12 hours lecture.

PDS-813 Best Practices in Communication

Apply practical strategies to retain a valuable customer base, diffuse difficult situations, and earn repeat business. Topics include: The anatomy of a complaint, regulating verbal and nonverbal
responses, active listening skills, creative problem solving, customer perceptions and expectations, adapting to different conflict styles, and steps to defuse angry customers. 12 hours lecture.