Written by Melissa Ruano

Eva Longoria is known as having a career in the entertainment world. She is known as an Mexican-American actress,producer, director, and businesswoman. She was born in Corpus Christi, Texas to her Mexican American parents. Eva got her start on acting in the popular series “The Young and The Reckless”. Another tv show that made her career was starting in “Desperate Housewives”. Where she played one of the main characters Gabrielle Solis. In 2006 she was nominated for a Golden Globe for best performing actress in the television Desperate Housewives. Eva has been in countless tv shows and movies. Has been acting since 2001, and is still acting till this day. She is known more for producing and directing movies and tv shows.

Even though Eva is mainly known as an actress she’s also a very strong activist for Latinos. Which many people don’t know about her. She has a very strong involvement in helping the Latino community especially the Latinas. Eva has started her own foundation which is called “The Eva Longoria Foundation”. Which helps Latinas build a better future for themselves. Also for their families through providing them education and entrepreneurship. She is trying to get involvement especially from Latina women to be in S.T.E.M related fields. Which is amazing because in general S.T.E.M doesn’t usually have many females to begin with. One of the things that it doesn’t really have is female Latinas in the field. Which is one of the things I love about Eva that she is trying to get involvement Latinas into a community where they are needed, and can become a part of if they want too. I admire that she is trying to help the Latino community because as a Latino myself we do struggle a lot to find a voice for ourselves and to speak up. One of my favorite quotes from her “My goal with my activism is to encourage my community and people to speak up from themselves. Stand up and say something and have a voice” “ If you want to see a difference you’re the person that can make it”. – Eva Longoria

Which is very inspiring for me and many other Latinos in the world. In 2012 she worked on trying to get the vote among the Latino community for Barack Obama‘s reelection campaign. Eva was actually the co chair for his campaign. She is actively trying to change regards of immigration policies as well as development within Latino community. Her latest work and helping the community was she started her “She Se Puede launch”. Which means “Yes She Can” in English. It’s all about sharing the big and small achievements of Latinas women. They can accomplish anything if they set their mind to it. This launch is all over social media and it’s a community that can help inspire, affirm, and inform Latina to transform their lives. I look up to her so much because she is paving the way to help and involve Latinos in getting justice and also getting education and involvement in S.T.E.M fields. She is using her platform for the greater good.