Application Dates & Deadlines Fall 16 Winter 17
Submit Admissions Applications beginning Jan. 11 Oct. 1
New/ Returning student deadline for
Order of Registration appointments
June 29 Oct. 26
Admission Application Deadline (thru Aug. 14 Dec. 19
Regular high school concurrent students deadline to submit packet
(see Concurrent Enrollment website for more information)
Aug. 14 N/A
Term Dates
Check SECT screen or WebAdvisor for all short-term classes.
Fall 16 Winter 17
Term Begins Aug. 29 Jan. 3
Term Ends Dec. 15 Feb. 9

Classes not in session

(Holidays,  Spring Vacation, etc)

Sept 5

Nov 11,
Nov 24-27

Dec 16-Jan 2

Jan 16
Add Deadline for MOST classes Elect Pass/No Pass option (most classes) Sept. 9 Check WebAdvisor
for deadlines.

Refund Deadlines for MOST classes

Full term  classes : 2 weeks

Short term classes : 10% of class mtgs.

Sept. 9 Check WebAdvisor
for deadlines.
Drop without a “Wfor MOST classes ( 20% of Term) Sept. 11 Check WebAdvisor
for deadlines.
Census day (most classes) Sept. 12 Check WebAdvisor
for deadlines.
Drop with a “W” for MOST classes (75% of Term) Nov. 18 Check WebAdvisor
for deadlines.
Registration Appointments Fall 16 Winter 17
Schedule of classes and Regular Registration appointments on WebAdvisor July 7 Oct. 28
Departments should be sure students who have priority are flagged before registration begins  (1-2 weeks before priority registration begins – do as early as possible) Flag by July 15 Flag by Nov. 4
Registration Fall 16 Winter 17
Priority Registration limits: 13 units for Fall/Spring; 7 units for Winter/Summer
Priority Group I: DSS, EOPS, CalWORKs,  Veterans & Foster Youth July 18-22 Nov. 7-11
Priority Group  II:  ASMV(officers only), Student Trustee , ACES July 20-22 Nov. 9-11
Priority Group III: ASMV(without officers), PUENTE, Community Scholars , VA extended, Choir, Renaissance Scholars, MCHS and Nuview continuing students July 20-22 Nov. 9-11
General Student Registration Begins (based on Order of Registration implemented beginning 12fal) July 25 Nov. 14
Parking Permits Fall 16 Winter 17
Parking permits available for sale on WebAdvisor  July 18 N/A
Paid parking permits mailed July 19 N/A
Last day to sell parking permits Dec. 15 N/A
Students WILL BE dropped for non-payment Fall 16
Winter 17
For classes registered on or before: Aug. 1 Dec. 5

Deadline to pay online is 5:00pm on:

In person payments must be made by close of business-see A&R website for most current hours

Aug. 8 Dec. 12
For  classes registered on or before: Aug. 15 n/a
Deadline to pay: Aug. 22 n/a
No Drops for non payment if registered on or after: Aug. 16 Dec. 6
GRADUATION: Students may apply for degree & certificates in the 2016-2017  year during the following application periods:
Summer/Fall – apply for degree or certificate for  16SUM  and 16FAL April 2 – Oct. 15
Winter/Spring – apply for degree or certificate for 17WIN and 17SPR Oct. 16 – April 1
Commencement information emailed to applicants May 2017
Commencement Ceremony June 8, 2017

 Program Deadlines

Dental Hygiene Program Deadlines

Application Period for the 2017 Fall Semester December 1, 2016 through
March 15, 2017.
Application deadline March 15, 2017 by 4:00 p.m.
Information Sessions September 23, 2016 from
11:00 to 12:00 p.m. Rm. B-105
November 18, 2016 from
11:00 to 12:00 p.m. Rm. B-105
February 24, 2017 from
11:00 to 12:00 p.m. Rm. B-105

Dental Assistant Program Deadlines

Application Deadline for the 2016 Fall Semester  Extended to June 30th, 2016