Preference will be given to those students meeting the Riverside Community College District (RCCD) and MVC residency requirements i.e. applicants residing within the District boundaries and students that have previously attended an RCCD college for a full semester).

If a student is not offered a space in the program, a new application will be necessary for the following year.

24 candidates will be randomly selected to begin the program in the fall semester.

The following are the priority given to those candidates meeting the minimum requirements:

  • First Priority Selection:
    Students meeting RCCD residency requirements and other eligibility requirements. If there are more than 24 applicants that meet these requirements, then a random drawing of 24 applicants will occur to select the 24 students for admission in to the Dental Assistant Program. An additional 24 applicants will be randomly selected to be on the waiting list for admission for that year only. They will be assigned a waiting list number according to the order they are selected.
  • Second Priority Selection:
    Students meeting all eligibility requirements but not the RCCD residency requirement. This category will be used only if there are not enough applicants to fulfill the needs of the program in First Priority Category. The number of students selected from the secondary priority selection pool of applicants will depend on the number of applicants needed to fulfill the program and waiting-list slots.


Health and CPR Requirements

Students selected for the program will be admitted pending submission of a valid CPR Certification card (BLS Healthcare Provider Course), verification of immunity and receiving the Hepatitis B vaccination, tetanus, MMR, and TB testing and Health form. The CPR card must be kept current throughout the program.


Dental Assistant Program Expenses/General Information

(All expenses are approximate, not necessarily all-inclusive and are subject to change.)

    • Uniforms/scrubs/gowns: $100 for the program.
    • Books and supplies: $900 for the program.
    • Health Services fee: $18 per year.
    • Student Fees of $10 per year.
    • Enrollment fee of $46 per unit (updated)
    • Students must have current CPR card (BLS Healthcare Provider Course). If the CPR card expires prior to completing the program, re-certification is required. This must be a “hands-on course”, online courses do not qualify.
    • Students must purchase predetermined supplies that will be disclosed at the new student orientation.
    • Malpractice insurance: $50 for two years.