On June 25, 2018, more than 117 participants joined 2018 Cyber Camp at Moreno Valley College. Middle and high school students from Moreno Valley, Temecula, Riverside, Rancho Cucamonga and Perris Unified School Districts gathered in teams to learn and practice in cybersecurity and coding topics. On June 29, 2018, Cyber Camp and Cyber Olympics concluded the training sessions with two competitions, Cyber Challenges  in Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16 and Coding Olympics Team Challenge. Cyber Challenges entailed required students to solve system security issues based on knowledge and skills gained during the Beginner and Advanced Cyber Camp training sessions. One team from Beginner and Advanced camp earned top scores in this competition. Students were individually recognized for their dedication, team work and effort in the award ceremony, in which they received Air Force Association’s Cyber Camp certificates and small prizes.

In Coding Olympics Team Challenge, students worked in small groups to build and program small projects using Arduino or Raspberry Pi 3 B+. Students were judged upon project completeness, functionality, creativeness, and team effort. Two teams of middle school students, took the grand prizes in Coding Olympics Team Challenges.  In first place, two female middle school students programed music theme song in Sonic Pi for “LED Chaser” using Raspberry Pi General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) for blinking LEDs. The second team, consisted of 4 middle school students, programmed Arduino Uno to sync LED lights with a piezo (sound buzzer), which output Super Mario theme song. Concurrent to Cyber Camp, 12 teachers and community leaders partook in Coach Training Sessions, which introduced CA-Cyberhub resource materials, IT Fundamentals Practice Labs, CyberPatriot Modules, O’Net, Cyberseek, Cybrary, NICE/NIST Framework, UC a-g Portal, and Deputy Sector Navigators support. Each of the coaches registered on AFA CyberPatriot and CA-Cyberhub in addition to registering 24 new CyberPatriot teams for the national competition next year. High ratings and positive feedback from the camp participants made all the work worthwhile – with campers expressing they will return next year. At the conclusion of 2018 Cyber Camp, students, teachers, faculty and staff bid farewell while promised to return for a bigger and more exciting 2019 Cyber Camp.