The following certificates may lead to employment competency, but do not lead to an Associate of Science degree:



Though this program leans toward IT and computer science, the curriculum stresses creativity. Students will learn how to influence the design, branding, and marketing of web presences. You will also learn how to create design solutions to complex problems using advanced technologies.

Concentration Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Apply design and visual communication principles to website, page, and interface design.
  • Use Photoshop to create and edit images for use on the web, including photographs, logos, navigation buttons, background images, image maps, and web page design mockups (tracing images).
  • Use Flash to create web animations and interactive websites.


Web Designer Concentration Requirements (11 Units)
Required Courses Title Units
CIS/CAT-54A Introduction to Flash 3
ADM-67 Multimedia Animation 3
CIS-56A Designing Web Graphics 3
CIS/CAT-78A Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3
ADM-71A Adobe Photoshop for Image Manipulation 3


Concentration Electives (5 Units)
Courses Title Units
CIS-56A Designing Web Graphics 3
CAT/CIS-78A Introduction to Adobe Photoshop 3
ADM-71A Adobe Photoshop for Image Manipulation 3
CAT/CIS-54 Introduction to Flash 3
ADM-67 Multimedia Animation 3
CIS-54B Flash Scripting 3
CIS-72C Introduction to XML 1.5
ADM-2A Color Systems and File Management 1
ADM-2C Ethics and Legalities for Graphic Design 1