The Information Assurance Auditing project is an 18-Unit Certificate that is sponsored by the National Science Foundation. The purpose of this certificate is to provide the knowledge students would need to start their own business auditing small business’ cyber footprint. A small business’ cyber footprint includes all digital assets, networks, policies, procedures, physical security and the protection of data.

Marketable Skills

  • Partner with small businesses through internships and work experience.
  • Gain soft and technical skills necessary to become a highly-skilled Information Systems Assurance Technician.
  • Help make small businesses more secure through regular security assessments.
  • Receive instruction in entrepreneurship for building/developing their own Information Systems Assurance business.

Earn Your Certificate in Information Assurance Auditing

The Information Assurance Auditing certificate will provide students with proficiency in the areas of computer operating systems, system analysis and design, practical computer security, information systems auditing standards and entrepreneurship.

Required courses for Information Assurance Auditing (18 Units)
Required Courses Title Units
CIS-2 Systems Analysis and Design 3
CIS-4 Practical Computer Security 3
CIS-21 Introductions to Operating Systems 3
BUS-30 Entrepreneurship 3
CIS-8 Information Systems Auditing 3
CIS-22 Systems Auditing 3

Complete your certificate in 3 semesters!

FALL 2019 SPRING 2020 SUMMER 2020
CIS-21 CIS-8 CIS-4
CIS-2 CIS-22
BUS-30 or BUS-30

Become an: Information Systems Assurance Technician

  • Conduct consultations to determine the scope of the targeted security audit.
  • Analyze and evaluate current polices and ensure that the customer is in compliance with State and Federal Agencies.
  • Conduct asset inventory, software licensing and risk assessments.
  • Develop a report of findings and present this to the customer.


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