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Moreno Valley College offers Associate of Science Degrees and Certificate Programs with an occupational emphasis. Both provide instruction in skills and knowledge needed to enter a skilled or professional occupation. Associate of Science Degree programs require completion of at least 60 units of credit, which normally takes four semesters. Certificate programs, leading to an associate in science degree, require a minimum of 18 units, but vary in number of units required; most can be completed in two semesters. Certificates can lead to employment. Each course required for a certificate must be completed with a “C” grade or better. All certificate courses can be counted toward the degree as well as the major.


Need for Specialized Training

Many find it difficult to secure employment or to advance in current positions and better-paying jobs without specialized training. General education coursework has its value, but in the early stages of a career it is specific, technical skills employers seek. A certificate is the best evidence specialized training has been secured. At times employers actually require certificates as a condition of employment or reclassification for higher pay.


Who Can Enroll in the Career and Technical Education Programs?

Individuals wishing to enroll at Moreno Valley College must file an official application. Admission to Moreno Valley College is regulated by state law as prescribed in the California Education Code.


Certificate Course Requirements

Students should plan to enroll in the specific courses listed under the certificate desired. If a required course for a certificate program is no longer offered, please see the department chair to ascertain an acceptable course substitute. Fifty percent of the coursework required for any certificate pattern must be completed at Riverside Community College District.


Business and Information Technology Systems (BITS) Department

Health, Human & Public Services (HHPS) Department