Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science Degree in Business Administration with a Major Concentration will be awarded upon completion of the degree requirements, including general education and other graduation requirements as described in the college catalog. In addition to completing the Business Administration requirements.


This program prepares individuals to practice the profession of accounting and to perform related business functions. This includes instruction in accounting principles and theory, financial accounting, managerial accounting, cost accounting, budget control, tax accounting, legal aspects of accounting, reporting procedures, statement analysis, planning and consulting, business information systems, accounting research methods, professional standards and ethics, and applications to specific for-profit, public, and non-profit organizations.

Program Learning Outcomes

In addition to outcomes for the Businesses Administration certificate, on successful completion of the Accounting concentration, students should be able to accomplish at least three of the following eight tasks:

  • Apply accounting principles related to a variety of accounting specialties, such as payroll accounting, cost accounting, income tax accounting, and computerized accounting.
  • Analyze and solve accounting issues and problems for a variety of business entities.
  • Analyze and interpret data and reports for a variety of business entities.
  • Develop and apply principles of moral judgment and ethical behavior to business situations.


Business Administration Major Core Requirements (18 Units)

Required Courses for Accounting Concentration (12 Units)
Required Courses Title Units
ACC-1B Principles of Accounting II 3
and select another 9 Units from the following:
ACC-62 Payroll Accounting 3
ACC-63 Income Tax Accounting 3
ACC-65 Computerized Accounting 3
ACC-200* Accounting Work Experience 1-2-3-4
BUS/MAG-47 Applied Business and Management Ethics 3
*Paid or voluntary employment required, contact department chair for details.


Course Schedule 2019-2021

Course FALL 2019 SPRING 2020 FALL 2020 SPRING 2021

Course schedules are subject to change.  


The following certificates may lead to employment competency, but do not lead to an Associate of Science degree: